Strengthen Your Faith At Ascension

At Ascension Church, we serve both adults and children in enriching their knowledge of the Catholic faith. Our religious education programs for the 2018/2019 season are underway. We are looking forward to welcoming more people into our community that worships together and seeks to serve others bringing their Catholic faith alive. Scroll down for information on the various programs we offer.


Our program includes classes for Pre-K through high school which includes Confirmation preparation. CLICK HERE for information regarding registration, fees and the 2018-2019 schedule.  

Debbie Cramsie, our Director of Children’s Religious Education, would be happy to respond to any inquiries you have regarding religious education for children in Pre-K through Grade 5.  We are beginning an exciting new program for our younger students called Kids Konnection.  For additional information, you can contact Debbie at 561-866-3482 or via Email at

Jessi Smith, our Director of Youth Ministry, can respond to inquiries regarding religious education for middle and high school students. Click on the links below for additional information on those programs.

For specific questions, you can contact Jessi at 561-685-3101 or vie Email at


In addition to our weekly RCIA program for adults, we also have a variety of Bible studies, small groups and classes that have been ongoing.  For additional information regarding all programs that are available for adults, please contact Jocelyne Carrigan at 561-997-5486 or via Email at

For information on small groups, contact JoAnne Ciafichi at 443-474-9588 or CLICK HERE to fill out a Small Group Interest Form.

Coming this October …

The Acts of the Apostles shows the Church, enlivened by the Holy Spirit, teaching, preaching, healing, and restoring outcasts in the same way that Jesus did on earth. Harmonizing history, theology, and eternal truth, St. Luke’s witness is a stirring invitation to follow the one he followed—the one who brought death to its knees. During this study, you will:

  • See how the Gospel witness spread outward in waves, from Jerusalem to Judea and Samaria, and finally to the ends of the earth.
  • Share with the early Christians the joys and struggles of living the life of Christ, and learn how these apply to us today.
  • See how the Holy Spirit guided the apostles into Truth.
  • Observe the way the Spirit-filled Church adapted to new cultures when proclaiming the Gospel.
  • Watch the seeds of Church structure and authority take root, and see how conflicts were resolved even at that early stage.
  • See your place in Christ’s Church, and how you should live day-to-day as a disciple of Christ.

Our first class is October 4th from 10 am to 12 pm. If you are interested or have additional questions, email Jocelyn Carrigan or call 561-997-5486.  

WEEKLY SCRIPTURE STUDY: We continue to offer weekly scripture study throughout the summer months.  Please contact Larry or Janine Dickson at 561-504-5901 for addition information and to confirm this week’s meeting time and place.

  • Thursdays:  7:00 p.m.

christian_formationSCHOOL OF CHRISTIAN FORMATION:  Classes will resume in the Fall for the 2018-2019 season.  

Topics include:

  • Ecclesiology – August 22 through September 26.
  • Liturgy & Sacraments – October 17 through November 21.
  • Morality – January 9 through February 13.
  • History of the Church – March 6 through April 10.

These classes will be held here at Ascension on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. For more information, please contact Deacon Lon at 561-997-5486.


RCIA: Are you an adult in search of a deeper relationship with God?  Have you been attending Mass at a Catholic church for years, but have never gotten around to joining?  Would you like to be baptized?  We, at Ascension, offer an opportunity to answers these questions and more.  We call it the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults or the RCIA.  It consists of meeting with other inquirers to pray and share questions and concerns of faith.  It is also a time to learn about the tradition and history of the Catholic Church, while experiencing our beliefs and worship.  You will be connected to a community that worships together, seeks to serve others and joins in fellowship.

Classes began October 9, 2018.  If you think you might be interested or know someone who may be interested in the RCIA classes, please feel free to call Jocelyne Carrigan at the contact information listed above.

RCIA SPONSORS WANTED – A sponsor plays a very important role in the journey of someone interested in becoming Catholic. As a sponsor you will accompany your catechumen/ candidate during the rites and periods of election and initiation. You will offer support and guidance and help the individual feel at home among Catholics and our parish community. Attending meetings regularly with your candidate or catechumen is an important part of being a sponsor. If you are interested, please contact Jocelyne Carrigan at 561-997-5486 or via Email to fill out a sponsor form.