faith_directThe Faith Direct program allows parishioners to plan their weekly contribution to Ascension Catholic Church and have the funds conveniently transferred from their checking account or applied to their credit card on a monthly basis.  

The monthly contribution amount will be calculated based on the amount you indicate for your regular weekly offertory multiplied by the number of Sundays in the month.  Parishioners can also indicate how much money they would like to donate for various special collections that occur during each month.  These include Holy Days, monthly collections such as Ministry to the Needy and Catholic School Tuition Subsidy and other diocesan special collections that occur throughout the year. 

The regular monthly offertory contribution plus the amount you indicate for special collections that month will be deducted from your checking account on the 4th day of the month (or the next business day).  You may also specify that your contribution be charged to your VISA, MasterCard or American Express.  Please feel free to contact Faith Direct at any time to increase, decrease or suspend your contributions.

For additional information on the Faith Direct program, please call the parish office at (561)997-5486.  To enroll, Click Here to download the Faith Direct enrollment form.   Complete the form and drop it off at the parish office or mail it to us at the address provided at the top of the form.  You may also call Faith Direct toll free at 1-866-507-8757, via E-mail at or visit their website at

As always, thank you for your generous support of Ascension Catholic Church!