Divine Mercy Ministry

divine_mercyOur Catholic heritage is rich with many beautiful types of prayer. We have the greatest prayer, the Mass, in which we profess our faith through liturgy, song and devotion. We have the Rosary, a meditation with our Blessed Mother, to bring us closer to her Son, Jesus. If you do a search for “Catholic Prayers” on the internet, the result is over 30 million sites. Prayer leads us on our path to a personal relationship with God, through Jesus, Mary and the saints. Prayer has been proven to be not only a tool for spiritual health, but also for physical and emotional healing as well.  God shares His abundant blessings and infinite forgiveness through Jesus, the Divine Mercy. We have formed the Divine Mercy Ministry at Ascension and invite you to be a part of this new group to pray this powerful devotion. A core team is meeting to develop groups to fully explore the Diary of St. Faustina and the revelations of the Divine Mercy. How can participation in the Divine Mercy enrich your spiritual journey? We invite you to find out!  Join us on Thursday evenings from November through May. We meet in the church at 7:00 pm for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament followed by the Diving Mercy prayer service at 7:30 pm.