Music Ministry

The Ascension Church Music Ministry provides inspirational music for parish liturgies and other special services. In addition to vocalists, our group includes accomplished instrumentalists (keyboard, strings, wind and percussion) to accompany the wide variety of music we have planned. For additional information regarding the Ascension Music Ministry, see our Music Director, Martina DaSilva, after Mass or call the Parish Office at 561-997-5486.

Sample our Praise and Worship music below …

Following a concert by Alpine choirs given at the papal summer retreat in Lorenzago di Cadore, Italy, Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI thanked all the participants and reflected on the value of choral singing. He said:

“I recall a saying by St. Augustine: “Singing is something lovers do.” “The source of the song is love; singing is an expression of love. In your thanksgiving and love for the earth, we find an echo of love for the Creator—love for the God who has given us this earth and our life of joy, a joy made richer by the light of faith, which tells us that God loves us. Learning to sing, to sing in chorus, is not merely an exercise of external hearing and the voice; it is also an education of inner hearing—the hearing of the heart—an exercise and an education in life and in peace. To sing together in chorus and to have all choruses sing together demands that we pay attention to each other, to the composer, to the director, to the whole complex of music and culture. In this way, singing in chorus teaches us about life, about peace, and about walking together.”