Message Series

The latest message series, More Than Words, began the weekend of May 16-17. Our Small Groups are currently meeting online during this time of social distancing. We welcome you to join us! CLICK HERE for our Small Group Interest Form and we will be glad to get back to you.

More Than Words: Often, we underestimate the power of our words, but if you look back on your life you know that words have tremendous power to both encourage and inspire and to hurt and to wound. Words can bring life and they can bring death. Over the next few weeks, we are going to learn and grow how to use our words so that we bring life and not death.

As human beings, we don’t have the power of God to make what we say happen right away. However, through our words, we are sowing seeds and over time our lives bear the fruit of the words we have said. By speaking them aloud, they are planted in our subconscious minds, take root, grow, and produce the fruit of the same kind. Whether we speak positive or negative words, we will reap exactly what we sow. That’s why we need to be extremely careful about what we think and say.

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