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STEP UP TO DISCIPLESHIP – by Cindy Nau (7-12-18).   Summer season in Florida and attendance at Mass is noticeably lighter. Even though our parish is not as seasonal as it used to be, other things seem to get in the way of coming to Mass. We still have six Masses every weekend and still need a minimum of 20 volunteer ministers at each Mass! So, especially this summer, we want to encourage all of our year-round parishioners to get involved!

  • Step up to participation in a ministry (greeter, host minister, information booth, Holy Grounds Cafe, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion). CLICK HERE to complete a Ministry Interest Form and we will be happy to discuss opportunities that work within your schedule. If you prefer, CLICK HERE to download the form, fill it out and drop it off at the Information Booth, the Parish Office or in the weekend collection basket. 
  • Find out more about our missions projects and volunteer to serve. CLICK HERE for all the details!
  • Invite a friend of family member to Mass to hear our great new message series: LIARS, CHEATERS, COWARDS AND OTHER BIBLE HEROES.
  • Try a small group this summer and dive deeper into our new message series. You can stop by the Information Booth after Mass to sign up. You can also call JoAnne Cianfichi at 443-474-9588 for additional information or CLICK HERE to complete a brief Small Group Interest Form.

Our new message series will explore men and women from the Bible who had flaws and didn’t always follow God’s plan. However, God used this ordinary individuals to accomplish extraordinary things. The homilies this summer will feature how God used this Liars, Cheaters and Cowards and made them heroes. We have several small groups who will be continuing to meet throughout the summer. This is the perfect series to “take a test drive” in a small group this summer.

Upcoming Events …

Weekend Masses: July 21-22

Fr. Paul Farin of Cross Catholic Outreach will be visiting Ascension next weekend, July 21-22, to speak at all the Masses on behalf of the poor in developing countries. Cross Catholic Outreach was founded to create a meaningful link between parishes in America and the priests and nuns working in the Church overseas in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Central and South America.

Thursday, July 26

Please join us on Thursday, July 26 at the 9:00 a.m. Mass for the Memorial of St. Anne and St. Joachim, the grandparents of Jesus. There will be a special blessing for all grandparents who are present. Even if you are babysitting, as many of us do, bring the grandchildren with you! We are the ones praying, showing by example, helping in every way we can to pass on the faith. Please join us for a special blessing and coffee and conversation after Mass. St. Anne and St. Joachim, pray for us.


 After Weekend Masses: July 28 – 29

Our next photo session is coming up! Photo sessions will be held on Saturday from 4 to 6:30 pm and Sunday from  8 am to 1:30 pm and after the 7:00 pm Mass. Photos are taken in Classroom 5 located in the back of the Family Center. This is a parish project with no outside vendors involved and the photo session is FREE! It only takes a few minutes and we can’t wait to share your smile! For additional information, please call the parish office at 561-997-5486.

Please call the parish office at 561-997-5486 to confirm our next class.  We usually meet on Thursdays from 9:45–10:45 am. The suggested donation is $55 for the 8 week session or drop-in at $8/class. All are welcome. All classes offer a creative blend of postural alignment, deep breathing techniques and conscious movement with the WORD of GOD. Like a delicious meal, we take one bite at a time, chewing and breaking it down so our bodies will reap the nutrients it has to offer. So it is with God’s Word! We inhale, exhale, open our heart and mind, meditate on scripture and allow Christ to take control of our hearts, filling us with His peace! Looking forward to see you all this fall. Love and peace, Sally Grillo.

Watch the Diocese’s TV Mass

The Diocese of Palm Beach’s weekly Sunday morning Mass for the homebound no longer airs at 9:00-9:30 a.m. It airs on CW34 WTVX and at its new time— 10:30-11:30 a.m. The time change is due to a programming change by CW34.

The CW34 channel can be found on the following cable systems:

  • On Comcast, you will find CW34 on Channels 4 & 435 HD
  • On AT&T/U-Verse, you will find CW34 on Channels 4 & 1004 HD
  • On Direct TV & DISH Network, you will find CW34 on Channel 4
  • On Hometown Cable Plus, you find CW34 on Channels 4 & 304
  • On Digital Antennas, you find CW34 on the Over-Air-Channel 34.1

Please visit to hear the weekly homilies.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have questions about the change, please contact the diocese’s Office of Communications at 561-775-9529 or visit

There is a new faith-based radio station in Palm Beach County. Turn your dial to 98.3 FM, the Catholic Voice of the Palm Beaches. The station can also be listened to via the internet through the station’s website and mobile app. Programming is from EWTN but the stations will be adding local programming very soon. Listen live at 98.3 FM or You will be blessed!

We recently have been discussing the book, Rebuilt. These are the basic ideas in the Rebuilt model:

  • It is orthodox in the Catholic faith,
  • Dynamic and creative in the commitment to the New Evangelization, 
  • Changing the consumer culture,
  • Reaching the lost – the unchurched, the de-churched, those away or hurt by the church,
  • Making disciples, and
  • Message and mission that matter.

With our parish mission statement: Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples we have been developing programs and processes based on the Rebuilt model.  We have a vision and a plan for Ascension that will be presented over the next few weeks in the message series at all the Masses. This Vision message series will not only share the plans for the future of our parish, but will also provide inspiration for all of our parishioners to get out of the pews and serve.

If you are interested in learning more about Rebuilt or would like to read the book it is available in the parish Gift Shop for $10.

weekly_offertoryFrom your Parish Finance Council … Several years ago, after a series of robberies in 3 of our parishes, the Diocese advised all parishes, upon recommendation from the police, that parishes should consider no longer publishing weekly offertory collection amounts in the bulletins, as it was seen as a way for targeting parishes for theft crimes. As a result, we will no longer publish the collection every week. HOWEVER, if you are a registered parishioner, we will gladly give you the information at your request by phone or in person any time you wish. Please know that, to comply with canon law and Diocesan policy, the Finance Council will continue to publish the ANNUAL REPORT of parish finances (as you would receive from your own investments) as a matter of transparency, accountability, and a more complete picture of the overall parish financial position.


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