Hospitality Ministry

Our Hospitality Ministry includes Greeters, Host Ministers, Holy Grounds Cafe Assistants and volunteers in our Information Booth. Scroll below for a brief description of each Hospitality Minister.

We welcome you to join the Ascension Hospitality Ministry! You can complete and submit our Ministry Interest Form and we will be glad to contact you.  If you prefer, CLICK HERE to download the form. Fill it out and drop it off at the Parish Office. For additional information, call the office at 561-997-5486.

SPECIAL UPDATE 6-4-20: If you are scheduled to serve during our first few weeks of reopening:

  • Please arrive for Mass 25 minutes early. While the main doors will not be opened until 15 minutes before Mass, the South Chapel Door will be open 30 minutes prior to Mass to allow Greeters and EMHC’s to enter. We will meet 25 minutes before Mass near the altar server’s room to review new procedures.
  • Do not forget to bring your own mask. Everyone inside the church will be required to wear a mask.
  • Gloves will be provided for outside greeters who will be opening the doors for parishioners.


Greeters are present at the church doors to welcome our parishioners and guests as they come to Mass. There is nothing better than being welcomed by a cheerful volunteer when arriving for Mass. It is also a great way to meet people and share the love of Jesus. Anyone can be a Greeter, all you need is a smile and a handshake!  You will be surprised what a difference it makes to the people you meet and to yourself.

This week’s Greeter schedule is shown below:

July 25, 26
  • SATURDAY – 4:30 pm
    • INSIDE CENTER: Kathy Cabra
    • INSIDE NORTH: Linda Wilcher
    • INSIDE SOUTH: Kathy Marino
    • OUTSIDE NORTH: Patricia Grant, Carolyn Bethmann
    • OUTSIDE SOUTH: Ken Alpert
    • OUTSIDE WEST: Justin Viau
  • SUNDAY – 8:00 am
    • INSIDE CENTER:  Clint Oster
    • INSIDE NORTH: Luann Leonard
    • INSIDE SOUTH: Debbie Waverla
    • OUTSIDE NORTH: Lisa Galente
    • OUTSIDE SOUTH: Catherine Penyak
    • OUTSIDE WEST: Jim Penyak
  • SUNDAY – 10:00 am
    • INSIDE CENTER: Tom Ashford
    • INSIDE NORTH: Irving Corkett, Tony Cvetko
    • INSIDE SOUTH: Grace Argencio, Judy Cabrera
    • OUTSIDE NORTH: John Heitz, Don Cook
    • OUTSIDE SOUTH: Bruno & Paula Guimaraes
    • OUTSIDE WEST: Vivian Orafice, Cheryl Seta
  • SUNDAY – 12:00 pm
    • INSIDE CENTER: Angelo Gasparri
    • INSIDE NORTH: Marylou Zambrano
    • INSIDE SOUTH: Keith Zambrano
    • OUTSIDE NORTH: John Roberts
    • OUTSIDE SOUTH: Rita Gasparri
    • OUTSIDE WEST: Carol Magi

The Greeters Ministry Team of Ascension is committed to Loving God, Loving Others and Making Disciples.

We grow our own discipleship and help others grow in discipleship by creating a consistent environment at every Mass that reflect the following elements:

  • A humble environment where Greeters understand that they are sinners in service of other sinners,
  • A respectful environment that honors people and their relationship with Jesus,
  • A welcoming environment where both Greeters and members of the congregation experience a genuine sense of warmth and belonging,
  • An inviting environment that encourages people to participate in the Eucharist as well as participate in the Ministry
  • An environment where commitment to serving is valued and frequent presence on Sunday is expected,
  • An environment that respects the needs of the congregation to be served in a timely and organized manner,
  • A prayerful environment where team members are joined in prayer on Sunday and throughout the week.

The extent to which the members of our congregation experience each of these elements on a consistent basis every Weekend at every Mass will determine the success of the Greeters Ministry in growing discipleship.

Host Ministers

Ascension Church invites parishioners to assist during Mass as Host Ministers. Duties include selecting parishioners to participate in the presentation of the gifts, taking up the Offertory collection, directing the congregation during the distribution of Holy Communion and distributing the weekly bulletin after Mass. Host Ministers should arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of Mass to make sure all the necessary preparations have been made. Appropriate dress and adherence to the schedule are also important. Training sessions are available throughout the year. We are especially in need of ushers at all Sunday morning Masses.  If you are interested in joining this ministry, please call the parish office at 561-997-5486 for more information.

Holy Grounds Cafe

We welcome our parishioners and guests to join us in the Holy Grounds Cafe after the weekend Masses. We are serving a variety of coffees and delicious pastries. New volunteers to assist in the cafe are always welcome!  For more information, please call the parish office at 561-997-5486.

Information Booth

Our Information Booth is open after all weekend Masses. We have a location in the Family Center and outside the south entrance to the church. You can schedule Mass Intentions and sign up for upcoming events.  If you are new to Ascension, you can register in the parish and learn about a variety of ways you can become more active in parish life. We look forward to seeing you!