Homilies – Fr. Nick





May 9, 2021 – Sixth Sunday of Easter

May 2, 2021 – Fifth Sunday of Easter

April 25, 2021 – Fourth Sunday of Easter

Our message series, Defining Moments began the weekend of January 2nd-3rd. The whole story of salvation and Scripture is full of defining moments. God creates moments for the men and women he invites into his larger story. They are moments of insight and understanding, moments when he offers a clean break and fresh start, there are moments in which he gives special encouragement, there are moments when he calls his leaders into something more.

In this series, we will look at the moments God uses to impact people so that we can be open to receive them. We will also look at how we can learn to create moments for others as a way to love them.

Week 5 – January 31, 2021 – Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

December 27, 2020 – The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

December 20, 2020 – Fourth Sunday of Advent

Our message series, Staying Power, began the weekend of October 10-11. It focused on how we grow by the commitments we make and fulfill.

Committing to a marriage, a job, a friendship allows us to grow. Committing to take a class in a foreign language or to dance classes or to martial arts and fulfilling that commitment helps us to grow in our ability to do those things. Likewise, we come to mature as Christians, in Christ-likeness by the commitments we make and keep. In this series, we will look at the power of commitment and the steps we invite people to take as a church. These are commitments or habits that must be practiced over and over again. Commit to a life-long journey of growth. We will talk about both the commitments and the benefits of those commitments. You can’t be committed to everything but important to be committed to the right things.

Week 1 – October 11, 2020 – Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Our message series entitled CORNERSTONE began the weekend of September 5-6. In this series, we will look at some of the cornerstones or foundational beliefs we have as a parish and how they help form the strategy of our Church. The purpose of this series is to remind us of what our church is about as we continue to move through this time of pandemic. This series serves as a chance to remind ourselves about our vision, mission, and core strategies.

Week 5 – October 4, 2020 – Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Week 4 – September 27, 2020 – Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Week 3 – September 20, 2020 – Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Week 1 – September 6, 2020 – Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 23, 2020 – Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 16, 2020 – Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 9, 2020 – Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time