Daily Reflection

Daily Reflection (8-19-18):  “Stay awake and be ready! For you do not know on what day your Lord will come.” [Matthew 24:42a, 44] We all have that friend who is always ready to lend a hand, always there when needed: maybe you are that friend to others. We have those people here at Ascension, but the majority are reluctant to step up. It is so easy to hear the message and wait to make a commitment. “Let me check my calendar.” “Not sure if I have the time to get involved.” Leave Mass, go home, get caught up in our own “stuff” and forget about mission. Finding a couple hours each month to serve others is worth praying about and is even more powerful when the whole family serves together. REBUILT CHALLENGE: Please pray about serving in mission or ministry. Lord Jesus, lead me to serve others in Your Name. Help me to let go of all that keeps me from finding time for those who are in need of Your love and mercy; that can be served through the gift of my time and talents.

God our Father, Creator of the Universe and Lord over all creation, we humbly stand before you as your children in thanksgiving for your loving care and protection. We ask that you keep us safe from all hurricanes which may threaten us in the coming seasons.  Protect us from all fear and anxiety of storms and give us an ardent trust and hope in your love and mercy. You alone have the power to command the sea, the wind and the rain. You alone bring peace, calm and safety. Father, we thank you in advance, for you are our only refuge. We ask this through Christ Your Son, Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen. Mary, Queen of the Apostles, and Patroness of our Diocese, pray for us.

Our summer message series is entitled LIARS, CHEATERS, COWARDS AND OTHER BIBLE HEROES. We tend to put many heroes of the Old Testament up on a pedestal, believing they are so much different of us; however, when we take a closer look, we realize that these heroes are full of flaws, failures, and foibles, just like us.  Throughout this summer series, we will take a look at poignant Old Testament Bible characters:  Adam, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Samson, David, Elijah, Daniel, Esther, and Nehemiah. We will explore how God used these people in salvation history, despite their flaws and failures.  Despite our own personal failures, He wants to use us to build His kingdom, as well.   CLICK HERE to find out more about our current and previous message series.