Small Groups

small_groups_great_faith_growsSmall Groups allow the Big Church to become more personal and intimate. We have a variety of Small Groups that have been meeting regularly for over a year now at Ascension. The gatherings are no more than 12 people, who watch a video together and then answer questions. The ninety minutes together is like those times when Jesus sat with his disciples. Small Groups …

  • are not bible studies, but we do discuss scripture,
  • are not support groups, but we do support one another,
  • are not study groups, but we do study, and
  • are not social groups, but we do make life long friends!

You can always stay connected to the Small Group series at this week’s Small Group message. We are hoping everyone in the church will join a Small Group.  We continue on our mission to Love God, Love Others, and Make Disciples.  If you are currently in a small group or would like to learn more about joining or leading a small group, please call Bill at 561-483-9983, Email him or visit

Our latest message series is Who Do You Think You Are? It is the theme for our Small Groups for the next six weeks. Part of the vision for our parish is to share a consistent message, which is why our Small Groups and our Daily Prayer message will have the same theme. Why not join a small group and be inspired? If you are interested in joining a Small Group, Click Here to register online or stop by the Information Booth after Mass to sign up.

OVERVIEW OF THE SERIES: Our identity, or at least who we think we are, forms the foundation of our choices and decisions, fuels our confidence and sense of purpose and determines nearly every aspect of our lives. This series, kicking off our fall season, will explore our sense of identity and the more solid foundation we can find, beyond money, cars, schools, sports and kids, in a life lived according to what God’s word says about who we are.

Are you interested in joining a Small Group? Click Here to help us find the Small Group that is just right for you.  Small Groups is where our Big Church becomes small and personal.